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What We Provide

Cleaning Materials
Cleaning Ladies

Recurring Cleaning

Our regular house cleaning services are designed to match what your family needs. These weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning services offer several benefits to maintain your quality of life and increase the joy of walking through the front door to a clean home!

Move In/ Out Cleaning

This service is extremely thorough top to bottom, designed to prepare a home for a new tenant or for yourself. This service includes cleaning inside kitchen cabinets, oven, refrigerator, interior windows, sills, blinds & baseboards.

Add On's

  • Washing/Drying Dishes

  • Washing/Folding/Ironing Clothes

  • Interior Window Cleaning

  • Refrigerator Cleaning

  • 10-15 min Dog Walking

  • Plant Watering

  • Patio Furniture Cleaning

  • Change Bed Sheets

Person Cleaning Window

House Cleaning

Detail Cleaning to all rooms; Kitchen, Living Room/s, Dinning Room/s, Bathroom/s, Etc.

Remove Cobwebs from Ceiling, Walls, and Corners

Floor Cleaning (Sweep, Vacuum, Mop)

Vacuum Furniture, If Pet Hair has been Addressed as a Concern

Wipe/Clean/Polish Outside of Oven, Dishwasher, Cabinets, Outside of Refrigerator

Dust Entire House

Clean Mirrors, Glass Tops, and TV Screens

Empty Trash Cans

Clean Sinks and Polish Chrome

Clean Inside of Microwave

Stove Top and Top of Vent Hood Cleaned

Toilets Inside Bowl and Outside Top to Bottom

Disinfect/Sanitize/Shine Vanity Top and Vanity Accessories

Disinfect/Sanitize/Shine Tubs and Showers

Fold Blankets and Straighten Throw Pillows

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